sLaNGjIs do not providing support on forum and reviews!

Dear user of plugins and themes:

sLaNGjIs has started offcial adventure on forum and reviews since 2007!

Plugins was no longer developed on but only on

Everything was very different from today: the plugins and themes developed by us were much less, and also the users who used it.

The traffic generated by users of the forum has increased exponentially, and in the same way also the requests for assistance have increased exponentially.

In the near future this increase will be even more pronounced, as a result of the great success of WordPress.

By contrast both the posts and threads definable requests and those definable trash are very difficult to finding and follow: the time necessary for this purpose, now, longer a nightmare that one added value service, real.

The problems of this type of assistance, through that instruments, have been deemed ineffective by more and more developers excellent, while the tools available for this workload considered inadequate to many of them.

Many of these developers have already abandoned this platform of assistance by providing other methods of support.

Our team has tried to respond to all for more long years, and maintained your support forums space for plugins and themes developed always clean.

Due to this big limitation of platform, and the result of failing to provide a service that gives us satisfaction, as of today August 15 2014, we abandon the active support of this type of structure, started since July 7 2007, to try to give one type of personalized service, targeted to the requests of real user utilization, and totally Free of Charge:

This decision is not due to our inability to provide assistance, but only and exclusively to the limitations of this platform, including the little inclination of the people who manage the daily moderation, to understand the real needs of developers, than the puppet users, or respect those who clone the code without including the credits for the legitimate owners, on respect of the GPLv2 license, or those who write false requests for assistance, or false reviews, with the aim of putting a bad evidence, to a plugin, or theme, for personal gain, or dislike, against the programmer who developed it.

Please also note that:

  1. We are not interested in reviews on our plugins and themes.
  2. Please do not write anything like that!
  3. We are not interested in stars on our plugins and themes.
  4. Please do not make any in that sections!

Generally we’re not interested to be informed if you like our plugins and themes, or if you use them successfully through the instruments of the forum and reviews!

Remember to keep proper behavior on the forum, under the rules, respect all their moderators, and its users: this team do not supporting anymore forum and reviews, and the possibility that some of us then reply or write on it, will be very low.

to be continued ? …

Failed run when a good post goes to future …

When thou go, i shall watch for thee;
When thou absent, i shall reschedule for thee;
When thou think, i shall republish for thee.

Schedule run, but count the cost: the Post’s won, but the Missed is lost!

Proverbs 21:39

sLaNGjIs Work’s Released and Licensed under dual GPLv3 or later and CC BY-SA 4.0 License.