WordPress and PHP stats

Based on the official statistics of site wordpress.org, the most used WordPress version is 4.4+ 35% (WP 3.6+ 1.6% WP 3.7+ 1.1%) with PHP 5.4+ 36%. This is the same direction taken by programmers of sLaNGjI’s Team, especially for the support of PHP 5.4+ (PHP 5.4+ 36% PHP 5.5 + 5.6 only 28%) for the whole year 2016.

Official wordpress.org Stats

Official wordpress.org Stats

Updated 2016 March 23

  • WordPress 4.4+ 48.9% with PHP 5.4+ 34.6%
  • PHP 5.5 + 5.6 only 32.6%
  • PHP 7+ … 0.8%
Official wordpress.org Stats

Official wordpress.org Stats


GlotPress is the most dangerous thing that could happen to WordPress.

Now is possible insert descriptions and links, without anyone being anything.

This is because the Translation Editors are identified on 3 categories:

1 – Those who approve everything, without checking anything (most) trusting translators.

2 – Those who do not approve anything, except for the members of your team (mafia) and the people know.

3 – Those who voluntarily change the meaning of the descriptions, and URL of the links, inserting their own: all this is not conform to the original direction of Authors … especially in ENGLISH UK!

GlotPress not accept to delete your plugin, or theme, from your translation system: unacceptable.

With this system, is possible to insert malicious code in the plugins or themes, through automatic download of the “fake” translation files.

Someone stop this mess, please! !!