This is the only official page of sLaNGjIs Plugins and Themes Translations

Who Translate Plugins and Themes?

How can i get involved?
GlotPress translations was not supported from sLaNGjIs because:

  • Translation link exposes the plugins to pushing malicious url?
  • Translation description exposes the plugin to change its original meaning?
  • Editors may approve or disapprove according personal rules or motivations?
  • Not all GlotPress Editors respect plugin Authors directions?
  • The approval process is too long?
  • Changing the content of the plugin, makes useless all the previous approval process, returning a translation, which no longer conforms to the original content, with the resulting of forcing the author to limiting what is really important to add in his descriptions and link, on future and actual changes.

How to translate it?
Is possible to make translations, with traditional method, using the file .pot not included on sLaNgjIs plugins and themes package, and available on single assets to reduce the size of ZIP file being served, speedup download, and no waste user space/bandwidth.

After, send it to sLaNGjIs for approval, and publishing. Translator Credits was applied, indicated, with the name of your editor, on readme.txt and also on this page.

Free sLaNGjIs plugins and themes support translations?
No, free sLaNGjIs plugins and themes support basic translations: only Pro versions support full translations.

WPML is supported?
Sorry, is not supported, in any version, for now.

Why Engkish UK Translations are not supported from sLaNGjIs Team?
Because "somes" of English UK Translation Editor, inject on your
translations descriptions and links that not are the same of the
original plugins to preserve the correct sense of your functions.
I have tried to modify all that is not conform, but "somes" of the
English UK Translation Editor, have delete all my mods, and have
inserted your personal, more and more than one time ... sorry! !! was no longer developed on but only on

sLaNGjIs Work’s Released Licensed under dual GPLv3 or later CC-BY-SA 4.0 License.


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