WP Missed Schedule Pro

wordpress plugin wp missed schedule fix scheduled failed future posts with this problem and republish them correctly fixed 10 items each session every 10 minutes without waste resources others will be solved on next virtual cron job or real cron job until no longer exist 10 items every 10 minutes, 60 items every hour, 1 session every 10 minutes, 6 sessions every hour.

Included: Free (unlimited) Support and Updates (1st year)

Exclusive Features:

  • Virtual and Real Cron Mode
  • Intelligent Automatic Resources Manager
  • HyperDB Table Query Formatting Compatibility
  • Fast Queries with index table and CPU Load Optimization
  • W3 Total Cache and others Caching Plugins Compatibility
  • JetPack and Social Publishing Plugins Transparency
  • Check Key Tag Authenticity Before Activation
  • Check WordPress Version Requirements Before Activation
  • Check Administration Users Permissions Requirements
  • Prioritization Plugin Loading (with db table index)
  • Plugin Class and Functions Isolation Constructor
  • Dynamic Row Meta Links Plugin Activation Support
  • Enable or Disable Header and Footer Log
  • Plugin Translation Languages Support
  • Admin DashBoard Options Control Panel
  • Admin DashBoard Help and FAQ Panel
  • Admin Menu Classic Plugin Settings Page
  • Customization of all Plugin Options
  • Manual Change the User Level Permissions
  • Manual Change the Frequency of Checking
  • Manual Change the Number of Checking Sessions
  • Manual Change the Number of Failed Posts Fixed
  • Manual Scheduling Plugin Checking and Fixing
  • Switching from Local GMT and UTC Time (more control)

And More Other Needed!

Available for one time 198.99 98.99 GBP or 498.99 298.99 GBP with 1 year of full support! (limited offer – other value was converted to gbp)

in memory of your author

Please Note That: WP Missed Schedule Pro is not the same of the free plugin that exist on WordPress Repository, and have another type of Licensing. Your money fee is not related to sLaNGjIs Premium Support, that is another type of service offered to plugins and themes users, and is totally Free of Charge!

sLaNGjIs Work’s Released Licensed under dual GPLv3 or later CC-BY-SA 4.0 License.


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