WP Missed Schedule Alpha

is available new alpha version with code totally rewrited that applies innovative method for interval of check with lowest load server

Plugins was no longer developed on wordpress.org but only on github.com


To try new WP Missed Schedule Alpha functionality you need:

  1. Install and Activate WP MIssed Schedule
  2. Install and Activate Plugin Beta Tester
  3. After update WP Missed Schedule to WP Missed Schedule Alpha

WP Missed Schedule Alpha direct download link


Branche 2018 (alpha)

  1. NEW Real Cron Method of Checking Interval
  2. Admin Menu Classic Plugin Settings Page
  3. Admin DashBoard Help and FAQ Panel
  4. Admin DashBoard Options Control Panel
  5. Include all features of Versions and Branches 2013 and 2014

Alpha Release (stable) Version 2018 Improved FREE

  1. Limited Missed Scheduled Posts Fixing per days!
  2. Full Support of Loading Textdomain Languages (2015.0228.3)
  3. Merge Branches 2013 and 2014 to 2015 (2015.0228.2)
  4. Support for Plugin Beta Tester Specifications (2015.0110.1833)
  5. NEW Real Cron Method of Checking Interval (2014.0316.0230)
  6. Prioritization Plugin Loading (2014.0316.1111) Testers Wanted

WP Missed Schedule @ WordPress.org Plugins Repository


sLaNGjIs Work’s Released Licensed under dual GPLv3 or later CC-BY-SA 4.0 License.


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