Freedom is all that remains.

Let’s always remember that developers are us, not the platform that hosts our scripts.

That’s what they want us to believe, WordPress adepts, with a kind of brainwashing that has no equal in recent modern times.

Indoctrination from WordCamp, up to the absurd behavioral conditions, for which, according to our personal behavior, if not welcome, get put to the gogna, and your plugins, or themes, deleted from the repository.

I think that all this should make everyone think: every developer should understand that there is a clear difference, at the expense of forced GLPv2 hacking, to which everyone is subjected.

Plugins, and themes, are those who created them, useful to those who use them, and not all, not even, or who for it.

We begin to realize this, starting by saying aloud: Plugin for WordPress, or Theme for WordPress, and not WordPress Plugin, or WordPress Theme.

Dignity has no price.


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